Zespasprite Zespa
Disgaea: Fanon character
AKA Sealed Overlord
Japanese Voice actor(s)
English Voice actor(s)
Age N/A
Home Heracle's Netherworld
Race Demon
Class Potted Demon

Zespa was the tyranical Overlord that ruled an unknown netherworld prior to Heracles' involvement.


Zespa portrays the stereotypical evil monster attitude. He shows no care for any of his servants and actively killed them for fun, ruling his netherworld with fear. His time sealed inside of a jar seems to have only made this worse, as he immediately attacks the party that releases him from the jar.


Little is known about Zespa before Heracles came into the picture. He ruled his netherworld with an iron fist and was not well-received by his subjects, who are much happier under Heracle's rule.

After Heracles became a Fallen Angel and attacked Zespa's palace, Zespa himself went to deal with the invader, but was soundly defeated. His soul was ripped from his body and sealed inside of a jar, then placed deep beneath his own crumbling palace to wait until a time when he would be released again.


  • Zespa ends most sentences with a "Zaa" sound.
  • If Heracles' is on the field during the battle against Zespa, he will ignore all other units in favor of attacking Heracles.