Shanik Koutaishi
[Stolen Art]
Caption: The Ripping Prince
Gender Male
Species World Eater
Level 9999
Class Devourlord
  • Demon Prince
  • Prince the Ripper

Shanik KoutaishiEdit

Shanik is a Vastly Powerful demon hailing from a small Netherworld on the edge of the Universe at the age of four Shanik's Father was assasinated and he was thrown from his castle after 6 years of Intense training Shanik set out to reclaim his throne he succeeded of course and continued to raise His powers he is currently unmatched in the Universe casually sparring with Beings such as Zetta and Zenon,During one of the many travels throughout the Multi-Verse Shanik and Itachi came across the world of Haephnes, Shanik wanting to conquer this world convinced Itachi to follow along with him. They proceeded to bust in to the Temple of Haephnes intent on killing the God to claim this world as their own, Shanik stepped up to Challenge this god only to find out he dwarfed her in power and due to his attitude decided to play around with her for a while. Shanik allowed Haephnes to attack him relentlessly as he scoffed off her attempts, when asked if she was done a red jewel become visible by Haephnes' side, she then used the power of the Crimson Tear to transport the intruders as a last ditch effort to another world to spare her own, not realizing that in doing this she granted the two travelers the powers of a world eater.


Shanik's Personality shows signs of Skitzophrenia or Bipolar Disorder one moment he can be Grinning happily or Smirking with Murderous intent His original use of Knives and wires(Now using his Beam Saber Yoshitsuna)gave him the Title of Prince the Ripper or the Ripping Prince Shanik's Fighting style Varies on blindly rushing in too leading an

enemy into a painful demise In words This boy is Unpredictable and Dangerous

[Stolen Art]