A typical area in the Netherworld.

An unnamed Netherworld where Heracles, and formerly Zespa ruled. A natural-looking place, forests and fields are abundant and many of the monsters and demons that roam here are modeled after woodland creatures. There is one large ocean that covers about half of the landmass in this Netherworld, but there seems to be no deserts.

Notable LocationsEdit

  • The Overlord's Palace - The residence of Overlord Heracles and Queen Harmony. Well-guarded, notably with a massive tree at the center.
  • Palace Ruins - Zespa's old palace. Left in disrepair after his battle with Heracles. Zespa can be found here, sealed in a jar.
  • Woods of Avalon - A deep forest containing many Dragons. Because Heracles' decrees it, these Woods are off-limits to most civilians.