Harmonysprite Harmony
Disgaea: Fanon character
AKA Her Majesty
Japanese Voice actor(s)
English Voice actor(s)
Age 1900
Height 5'8
Weight 147 lbs.
Home Heracle's Netherworld
Race Demon
Class Overlord's Wife

Harmony is the wife of Heracles and therefore the Queen of his Netherworld. She is a kind, soft-spoken individual with a large heart.


If Heracles was considered 'nice', Harmony is a saint by demon terms. She is shown to care deeply for others and knows how to calm down a situation. She is the voice of reason that keeps her husband from performing outlandish stunts (such as making sure he didn't blow up Earth when he wanted to make nice fireworks).

Unlike most demons, Harmony does not seem capable of anger. However, her status as Heracles' wife make many demons fear her. Her pampered lifestyle makes her seem a bit snobbish at times and she is often unaware of social mannerisms because of it, but she means the best in everything she does.