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Kyuzo- A half-human,half-Parasitian kid whom Laharl and his vassals encountered in Yowvil Town,right after he killed all of the town's residents.A far more arrogant,cruel,and colder than Laharl,Kyuzo is very strong,fast,agile and skilled in combats although his normal human-like appearance due to his legendary Parasite blood are flowing in his body.A tall guy with long,straight white hairs and wears a sweater with a tri-quarter,he refused to be Laharl's vassal after his defeat.However,Flonne encourages him to join them,causing him to follow the group.Thus,Kyuzo started to learn about love and slowly falls in love with Flonne.He prefers fresh blood from a living creature as his mealHe wields Agrodax,a talking scythe knows everything about his race.