Overlord, in the universe of Disgaea and other Nippon Ichi games, is a position attainable by demons in the Netherworlds. It is assumed to be the demonic equivalent to a Seraph in Celestia. Overlords are the absolute rulers of the countless Netherworlds spread out across the cosmos and therefore are all extremely powerful.

In the first game, Laharl openly scorns the possibility that there may be other Overlords, including ones that are more powerful than himself. However, he soon encounters the Overlord of an Alternate Netherworld in episode 6. Later, it is confirmed that many Netherworlds and Overlords exist, which serves to connect the Nippon Ichi games together: as stories set in different Netherworlds.


As the name suggests, Overlords are the demons who lord over the populations of a Netherworld. It is implied in Makai Kingdom that for every Netherworld, there exists a corresponding Overlord, although their existence is not tied to their Netherworld (Overlord Zetta was able to exist without his Netherworld, albeit as a book.) An Overlord is essentially the only authority, able to govern however he/she sees fit, thus every Overlord's regime is different. Despite normally being at the head of a Netherworld, there have been overlords with no kingdoms, such as Zetta and Rozalin. Every Overlord in the Disgaea universe is in command of masses of demons known as "vassals". These warriors and servants carry out the Overlord's will (although, as with all demons, they are capricious and liable to be traitorous). As seen in Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories and Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice, Overlords, in addition to ruling their Netherworlds, have the task of "negotiating" with other Overlords - although being demons, this often leads to conflict and battle.


According to the original Disgaea and Disgaea 3, the only way for a demon to attain the rank of Overlord is for him to fight and kill the current overlord, thereby taking the title for himself (as Etna and Mao did). However, given the relative strength of an Overlord, this is no easy task. If there is no Overlord to overthrow, a demon must destroy all the others vying for the throne.

Curiously, Priere became both a demon and an Overlord through destroying many demons in the realm. In her game, though, she attained the title by defeating twenty level 500 demon lords, and then defeating a level 700 demon that had the title of Overlord.

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