Aaron's Sprite Aaron
Disgaea: Fanon character
Kana アーロン
Romaji Aーron
AKA (The) Human
(The) World Dominant
(The) Dominator
(The) Nemesis of Humanity
(The) Nemesis
(The) Fate-Breaker
Japanese Voice actor(s) Tomokazu Sugita
English Voice actor(s) Crispin Freeman
Age 19
Height 5'8
Weight 195
Home Brightail
Race Human
Class Former World Dominant

Aaron is the only human resident of the Netherworld and the protagonist of Disgaea DFanon: A New Spin on Darkness.

Once upon a time, he was a space colonial who somehow managed to assemble an army which was more than large enough to allow him to subject the entirety of the Earth to his dominion. However, not long after his attainment of world domination, an angel banished him from the Human World to the Netherworld in order to fulfill a portion of the Final Prophecy .

Subsequently, he was reduced to being naught but the most unwanted denizen of Malebolge. He then remained as such until he was unfortunate enough to happen upon an angel named Sicily...

Personality and RelationshipsEdit

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Powers and AbilitiesEdit

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